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"Oh, that I may learn to live the rest of my life in His Spirit.  Everything good resides in God."  (Greg Kreh 2007- brother of author Ken Kreh)

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Listen to my interview with Christian Radio to get some insight as to what the Book, "I See Him!...I See Him!  God's WORD to Witness BY" is all about.

Why did I write this Book?

    I am speaking from my heart as I write this.  It was a long journey to get to the point I began writing this book--it was a thirty year journey. 

    I have always believed in God.  From my youngest childhood days, I  cannot remember when I ever doubted there was a Creator.  I was raised in a Catholic home, went to a Catholic school from 2nd grade until I graduated from high school.  I spent five days a week in religion class.  I went to church on Sundays, and during the school year (until ninth grade), I went to church every day before classes began.  Through eighth grade, I was an altar boy who loved serving the church in this way. 

    In School, I learned the great Bible stories from Adam and Eve, to Noah, to Abraham, to Moses, to Daniel, to Mary and the virgin birth.  I believed Jesus was the Son of God.  I believed he died on the cross and arose from the grave three days later.  I did love God.

A close call with death.

    In the year 1971,  at the age of eighteen, I was in a horrible single car accident.  I was in the car with my friend who was attending the University of Michigan.  It was December, and we were on our way to Ann Arbor from Saginaw (about 90 mile trip one way) so he could take a final exam test for one of his classes.  As my friend rounded a curve going 80 miles per hour, he lost control of the vehicle, and we went off the road into the meridian.  Our car began to roll and it rolled and it rolled and it rolled, all the way back onto the highway; upside down and on fire. I was trapped in side unhurt, and my friend was tossed from the car receiving severe injuries.

     Five minutes after I got out of the car by crawling though a hole left by the windshield being missing, the car exploded twice in a ball of fire, with thick black smoke billowing into the sky.   Later at the hospital, the policeman who interviewed me about the accident stated to me, "You had a one in a million chance coming out of that accident alive."  It was by the grace of God my friend and I survived that auto accident.

Why do I share this little story with you?

    Because later in life,when I was twenty-three-years old ,God showed me something very important to my own eternity.  He showed me that if I would have died in that car that day, I would had been lost for eternity.  I would not have gone to heaven.  The eighteen year old  child, who believed in God, would not have made it.  This is why I have written this book.  I want to share my love for Jesus Christ with everyone.

God has worked many miracles in my life.

    I never deserved any of them.  In November of 1997, God worked the most important miracle in my life, and the answered prayer did not even come from my own prayers.  The prayer God answered for me was because of the faith of my loving wife and our two young children of eight and five.  God answered their prayer because he was calling me to become the spiritual leader of our household and to teach my children his ways.  The Lord also has called me into his ministry to tell others of the love he has for all persons.  He loves you exactly the way you are right now, but he is calling you to know him better.  The Lord wants you to love him more.

See the Hidden Gems found in the Bible.

  I know many of you do not have the time to study your Bible as we all should.  There are so many hidden gems to find in his word.  This is what I attempted to do in my book. To bring out and show many of the gems found in scripture from everywhere in the Bible. 

    This book sums up much of my five year Bible study I took looking for Jesus everywhere in scripture.  What I have found from my studying the Bible is this: from Genesis to the book of Revelation, God is revealing his Son and this truth--the Bible is the biography of Jesus Christ!
    I pray you will purchase my book and see Jesus as you may never have seen him before.

God loves you and so do I!

Ken Kreh, author

About The Author

    The author, KEN KREH, is an Adult Education teacher at his church-- Fellowship Church.  He felt God calling him to write all that was being revealed to him through God's word. The five-year process of in-depth study and meditation on God's word resulted in this book.    The Author says he is like Moses, "I trip over my words, but God has given me the gift of understanding his word and to be a teacher." 
    His ministry is to witness about the one who saves all mankind--our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  It is his prayer you already know Jesus, and that you know He is the "WORD" to witness by (John 1: 1-2).



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