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God is Your Eternal Friend

This writing below was sent to me from a brother in Christ and I want to share this with all I can.  I pray you enjoy it as I did.  God bless!




How do I find meaning in life?

Statistics indicate that over one billion people visit the Internet each
day. Of these, at least a million are searching for answers to the deeper
questions of life: Why am I here? What is my purpose? What is God like? A
phrase that is frequently used by those exploring such deeper issues is "the
meaning of life."

Gratefully, the Bible helps us understand that life's meaning is rooted in a
unique friendship. Billy Graham says, "It is the greatest discovery you will
ever make: You were created to know God and be His friend forever" (The
Journey, p. 23).

A key to understanding how you can be God's friend is to know you were
created with more than a body, mind and soul. You were created with a
spirit. Your human spirit was awakened when you were born again, enabling
you to communicate directly with God and have fellowship with Him. The
Apostle Paul says we "received the spirit of adoption by whom we cry out,
'Abba, Father'" (Romans 8: 15). "Abba" literally means "Daddy."

The heart of every person deeply longs for true friendship. Think about your
best friends and how important those relationships are. Yet human
friendships can and do fail. This became very real to me recently when the
twenty-one year old son of a close friend tragically took his own life. The
reason? The young man's closest friend, a classmate he had known for several
years, stated firmly he no longer wished to continue the friendship. The
loss was so devastating to my friend's son that life lost its meaning to
him, and he completely gave up.

Even though friends on this earth may come and go, in God you have a friend
Who will be there forever. Graham says further: "This is a staggering truth.
Think of it. The infinite, all-powerful holy God of the universe wants to be
your friend! He wants you to know him personally. He wants you to know He is
with you. He wants to comfort you when you are upset or anxious. He wants to
guide you when you face difficult decisions, and He even wants to correct
you when you are about to do something foolish or wrong" (p. 31).

Take a moment now to let this profound reality sink in. You were created to
be God's friend. This reflects the enormous heart of your wonderful Lord!
What a privilege to be one of His children, to be able to come to Him any
time, day or night, to be completely open with Him, to share your most
intimate thoughts and fears.

Key Scripture

I no longer call you servants ... but friends (John 15: 15).

Key Thought

The real meaning of my life is to know God and to be His friend forever.


God loves you and so do I!


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