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A Sinners Prayer for Someone Needing Jesus Again

You Are All I Ever Wanted! A Prayer to our Lord

Lord, you are all I ever wanted.
You are all I ever needed.
So help me find the right path again
because I want you back.

It's hard to say I'm sorry.
It's hard to forgive myself
for all the sins I have done in my life.

Please don't give up on me Lord.
I'm trying to figure out just what to do.
I am lonely and missing you so much!

Lord, you are all I ever wanted
You are all I ever needed.
So give me a sign to follow.
because I need you back.

Lord, I remember...
when I had you so deep in my life,
You're promises would last forever in me.
But now I have gone astray,
and I am needing you so much.

Lord, forgive me of my sins!
And send me your Holy Spirit.
I want you back.

You're the one I want.
You're the one I need.
Lord, forgive me of my sins.
I submit myself to you
because I got to have you back!

If you read this prayer, and truly have asked Jesus back into your life...Welcome to the kingdom of God!

God loves you and so do I!


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